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Hey DA peeps, I'm not gonna lie. I sometimes forget about this place. I'm about 1000% more active on Tumblr ( and twitter (@Riansygh).

I basically just use this account as an archive so I don't update very often. I'll binge a few thing's y'all've missed but like 90% of it will be on my blog.
If you enjoy Stolen Forest and would like to help support it please check out my Patreon page!!

Signal boosting, features, and small donations mean the world to me and the success of this story! Please consider showing your friends and sharing online!! :)

Stolen Forest is now LIVE!

My first on-going online graphic novel has landed and is available for your viewing! I’m so excited to finally be able to start this project and it’s in great thanks to my friends and followers that I was able to make this happen!

About the comic

Governed by a universal set of beliefs passed down from the Idols of the land, Stolen has prospered tucked away in the gentle hand of the forest. When that peace is disrupted, and the Idols worshipped by the people are no longer able to maintain order, the fate of the world falls to the few who’re courageous enough to step up to the challenge.

Stolen forest will update at least once a week and upon each chapter’s end I hope to make both digital and print copies available for purchase!

I have a lot of big plans for the series so please check it out and tell your friends! It would really help if you could spread the word and leave some feedback in the comments section. 

Start reading the prologue HERE!

If you like Stolen Forest and would like to help support it, it would be really appreciated if you considered a small donation! Every dollar helps and goes to hosting costs and making as many pages as I can.

If you would like to DONATE to Stolen Forest please click HERE.


I'm so happy to have received a DD! Thank you so much! I thought that since I've been getting a lot of traffic from it I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and share my social medias.

My name is Rian Grey Sygh and I'm a 20 year old amateur comic artist and illustrator currently living in Charlotte NC, I'm most active on my tumblrs! My art blog is and my personal blog is I'm also @riansygh on twitter but I mostly just tweet about poop, so I don't suggest following that. ha ha

I'm about to launch a webcomic called Stolen Forest, I'm currently in the process of drawing chapter 1, I'll definitely be posting more about that in the near future but you can check out my art blog for more current updates, sneak peeks, and additional info!

Also, I'm always open for commissions! That info can also be located on my art blog!

Thanks yo!


My short comic Haimé is on Gumroad for $0+ Pay what you want!! It's 14 pages in black, white and red.

Any and all donations are very appreciated! They all go towards me being able to make even more comics!

Find it HERE

Hey guys and gals and alternative gender identifying people! Do you like comics? OF COURSE YOU DO! I just so happen to LOVE comics so sometimes I make them out of sweat and blood and caffeine! (but mostly ink and paper)


Nows your chance to become the very attractive owner of my AnimeNEXT exclusive Mini-comic The Map! Supplies are very limited as I only have a handful of reprints and will NOT BE PRINTING ANY MORE (mostly because I have no printer)


Each copy is 8 pages with inside and back cover sketches printed on medium weight cream cardstock and shipped in a protective plastic sleeve.

You can get yours for $10 (price includes shipping) by emailing me at! Payments via Paypal only. It's first come first serve so act quickly!


I really appreciate all the support I've received from you guys on this project and I'm very happy to say I'll be making more minis in the future. Thank you all for the kindness, I cannot express just how amazing it's been or how much it's meant to me. You guys are great. 





(Don't like fanart? commission your own unique thing by checking out my commission info yo!)

If there is anything you guys would like to see uploaded for purchase please let me know!

Heads up yo! My commissions are open!
Check out my revised prices over at my Tumblr!

I'm trying to make it to AnimeNEXT this year! I plan on making some more button designs and to have a mini comic at the table with nakira but first I gotta be able to afford the flight! Please check out my commission info!…

They're on a first come first serve basis so inquire quickly to guarantee a slot!
IDK if it'll take off, but I'll be posting similar stuff on my Anipan as I do DA. In case anyone else is making the leap, here's my page:!16948
Hey peeps, I've updated my commission info! If you want to commission me for something check this out here!:…

My commission email is, please send all commission enquiries there instead of my DA notes! Thank you!
Livestreaming at 2:30/45pm Central time today (July 4)!
Gonna be working on commission work and then if I finish it quickly enough, some fanart stuff!

Perhaps maybe there will possibly be at some point a /super secret special guest/ joining me on voice skype! OH! Fun!

So If you feel like validating my artistic career, come on by!

Come on by even if you don't!
Hey guys, for those of you who've been asking, I am not currently working on anything on my Holiday. I will not be updating Cold Shoulder or pretty much anything other than my Tumblr for the month.

I'll be at AnimeNEXT this weekend too! Helping out nakira! I also have a few buttons I'm selling on her table. I might put those up here on DA soon. :0

Commissions are closed until I get home too, I'm not checking my commission e-mail either, sending multiple emails will not help you get onto my to-do list right now.

Seriously, this place will be basically dead for the whole month. If you want to contact me, the best way is probably through Tumblr.

I'll catch you guys later. :>
Going to NJ for a visit for most of June, so I'm not going to be nearly as active here.

Gonna be at AnimeNEXT helping out at nakira s table if any of you guys are going, Hopefully with a few buttons of my own to sell. :D thats kinda cool right?

Most likely, I'll be puttin stuff up at my Tumbles more than here so if you arent already following me I'm FauxBoy@ Tumblr (personal blog) and RianSygh @ Tumblr (art blog)
Then you should follow me on Tumblr!

I've had a personal Tumblr for a long time, but today I made an art Tumblr especially for sketches and doodles DA doesn't see. I post a lot of previews to Cold Shoulder and other projects there. If you wanna see in production stuff, catch impromptu livestreams, and or just see how weird I am come see me!

My personal Tumblr

My art blog
Sorry for that lack of anything the last week, I've had the flu.

Actually, I'm still under the weather.

I'll catch everyone back when I'm feeling better.
The Ooo Travel Guide Episode 2 IS NOW UP!

Episode 2 is now available on Mediafire!…

The Ooo Travel Guide

Host: BlackCatula

Guests: Bekuh, Fauxboy, Nakioutsuno, RenegadePineapple, Xekstrin

Join us as we tackle Fionna & Cake in some great detail, exploring why the episode and its characters are more relationship-driven than heroics-driven, why the [SPOILER] ending was a blessing and a curse, why a Fionna/Ice Queen romance makes so much sense in the context of the episode and other foreshadowed events, why there exists a double-standard regarding male and female heroes, and why we all want there to be a second episode involving Marshal Lee.
Oh yes, and also listen to everybody switch gears between being nerdy, passionate, extremely intellectual, downright adorable, and filled with the sweetest of sweetnesses.

Dig it!

Copy pasted from the official Ooo Travel Guide Tumblr ( [still under construction])

We're still in the infancy of being super amazing podcasters but the first two episodes are ready for download at least! I'm personally working on some things to get us more presentable but in the meantime our AMAZING AND SPECTACULAR host has spend many toiling hours editing this together for all you Adventure Time fans.

And just for your reference, here are the lovely Tumblrs of our amazing panel:
Hello hello! I am BACK. Getting all comfortable in my room, doing my laundry and readjusting my disjointed desk and such. I will be hosting the anticipated Askstream tonight! 9:00 central time. I've got over 50 questions to make this reaquantiance super special! Hear about my Vacation! Learn about me as a person! Discover how much of a nub I am!

fun fun fun!

Make sure to submit your last second asks within the next hour and a half! :D See you all in a little while!
Reposting from tumblr for ridiculousness

I love MLP, It's such a fantastic cartoon. I don't think anyone will argue here that it's one of the most entertaining animated shows in syndication right now. I love it's unique and endearing characters, I love how the fans latch onto them and make them really into something of our own. Even with insignificant background ponies. There is endless fan content: art, music, fics, headcanons, games, everything can be dipped in ponies and made 20% cooler.

With how much I love the show it really pains me to discontinue with this fandom. This "Derpy Hooves" bull has gotten so far out of control. At this point, it just isn't fun anymore. Being part of this "community" is more like picking sides in a shit slinging competition. No one is winning by being mean or threatening to not only the creators of the thing you love but to completely unrelated persons who've simply voiced an opinion. I don't know where the message of "love and tolerance" became skewed to the point where you think it is okay to threaten bombings on Hasbro or violence on random unrelated people on the internet.

During this little internet fiasco, I've kept my personal opinions out of it. To save myself from grief and backlash from either side. I have a lot of Brony friends, people I know in real life and through the web. So for the sake of neutrality I still refuse to enter this silly conflict. You know what Bronies? Some people are offended, get over yourselves. It isn't a declaration of war, it's an opinion. You know what offended people? The Bronies don't understand your argument, or they wouldn't be arguing so vehemently. You are just as much in the wrong the second you stoop to the level of internet spittle flicking.

There are fantastic artists and great people I follow and admire on either side of this argument. It's honestly heart breaking to see some of them forgo the high road and add to the flaming while the ones who have constantly put up with unwarranted flames and hate become attacked and belittled more and more.

What I am most displeased with, the thing that I am most offended by, and the ideal I cannot fathom; is the thought process one possesses that declares your personal feelings so much more valid than another person's that you can justify cultivating and spreading a notion of hate in a community so enveloped by it's message of Love and Tolerance.

I'm sorry, but I'm out. I simply cannot deal with the fact that adults cannot listen and respond intelligently to one another. I especially cannot deal with such a large part of a fan community singling out other fans for simply voicing an opinion. So called "fans" who attack and spew these uninformed notions to a single person, who not only is not related to the company or production staff but who on multiple occasions has thoughtfully and painstakingly relayed their thoughts and opinions with legitimate sources and articles, are in my opinion incapable of forming or voicing the opinions they preach with such fervor.

This is disgusting. If you have left even a single hateful message on anyone's page or if you have knowingly spread faulty information in the hopes of propagating rash fury, you are beyond disgusting. This sort of behaviour is really just grotesque and I will not be a part of it.

Tl;Dr I'm taking a break from MLP because a large part of the brony population have gone from petulant to excessively indignant.
Just to catch anyone up who may not watch my Tumblr.

I'm in North Carolina right now on a family visit, and my internet wifi here is total butts.

I've also been having difficulties with Photoshop being able to sense my tablet, weird right?

I'm working on page 11 as best as I can, I just don't really have the time or workspace I'm used to. I'm going to try and finish it up asap, but asap may mean next week. XDD

In good news for all you peeps who follow me for my AT comics, I did manage to figure out where Pt 2 is going. I've started thumbnails and shit.

I will be livestreaming today (5/12/12) at around 2:00ish (central) this afternoon.